Service Project
Postgraduated diploma in object design


Assistant : Claire Fouilland

Under Florence Béchet's direction
Photos : Doriane Kubis

This proposition of urban horse stable is the result of a personal reflection initiated by the writing of an essay « Cheval-Humain, Quel équilibre possible dans une relation inter-espèce ? » (Horse-Human, What balance can be possible in an interspecies relationship ?)

While it's time to re-connect with nature and to re-discover benefits of interactions between humans and other animals, what about the confrontation of two opposite worlds to stir our everyday life?

The one of the Horse with the City !

Implantation de L'équi-libre dans la ville de Moulins

Installed on various strategic areas of a city, a team of humans: « les membres permanents » (the permanent members) manage « l’équi-libre » and his horses: « la cavalerie » (the cavalry). This members and horses offer "services" to any human that would like to benefit of it : children, pensioners, adults, women, men, etc. : those are « Les bénévoles » (Volunteers).

To benefit, they will have to get involved in different levels for "missions" about animal care, maintenance of the city and of « l’équi-libre » itself. For this, I imagined all the intern and extern organization of this service, but also the various elements that help its operation: urban facilities, communication tools, accessories, etc.

Composition de L'équi-libre
Les activités de L'équi-libre

« L’équi-libre »is the proposition of a concept of life that is in the line of ecological transition & decline.

 © 2018 by Doriane Kubiš

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