Cheval - Humain

Essay writed in preparation of a postgraduate diploma in object design

Under Leonore Bonaccini's direction


Photos : Doriane Kubis & Marie Le Menes

After a violent horse fall, more than a shock, it's a click that I had. Thanks to a personal re-questioning, I undertook changes about my horse's relationship, that started by the writing of this essay. In this phase of reflection and questioning, I wanted to bring out the different relationships that humans had with horses and i wanted to re-interrogate this interactions.


"What is our legitimacy to domesticate horses?

What does this bring to us and what do horses get? "

Communication en liberté avec le cheval
Mémoire de synthèse sur la relation Cheval-Humain

Mémoire de synthèse sur la relation Cheval-Humain - Remerciements
Communication en liberté avc le cheval

This work is the start of a social design initiative, but also and especially of a will to do things differently. It also gave birth to a service project : L'équi-libre.

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